Haryana cheater mba raw employee ruchita kinge spends Rs 1 lakh monthly on holidays , refuses to pay webhosting expenses

One of the reasons why startup funding in india is reducing, is because the top tech and internet companies, government agencies are openly involved in massive financial fraud, government SLAVERY on some online business owners since 2010.
For example Haryana top cheater mba greedy gurugram fraud raw employee ruchita kinge, getting a monthly indian government salary for faking domain ownership including this one, spends Rs 1 lakh monthly on expensive holidays , refuses to pay webhosting, domain other expenses, yet the indian government continues its online, financial fraud of falsely claiming that the gurugram cheater ruchita kinge , a greedy shameless fraud owns the domains, websites of a private citizen, single woman engineer to reward the gurugram cheater
The indian government talks about startup india, yet is openly involved in massive financial fraud on online business owners, making fake claims about greedy gurugram cheater mba ruchita kinge, thane fraud stock trader amita patel, indore cheater housewife deepika/veena and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not pay any expenses, do not do computer work, yet get monthly government salary, great powers at the expense of the real online business owner