Andheri family loses Rs 4 lakh booking Dubai holiday on fake website

Due to government policy, indian tech and internet companies policy of rewarding fraud and identity theft with monthly government salary, a large number of fake websites are flourishing.
In the latest incident, reported in times of india, Andheri family lost Rs 4 lakh booking Dubai holiday on fake website pauloholidays. She paid Rs 4 lakh to the people from the website, and later just before the holiday, she found that it was a fake website and the tickets provided were not valid.
This shows the plight of experienced webmasters in india who can prevent these fraud incidents, despite their great experience, they do not get any paid work in india, they find it difficult to make even 1 lakh profit in a year due to the government slavery racket in the indian internet sector promoting greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina chodan who falsely claims to own this website in a sex trade deal with top indian government employees, while other people like the woman have plenty of money to spend Rs 4 lakh on a dubai holiday