R&AW/ntro has persuaded almost all webhosting companies to block remote posting

To cover up its financial, BANKING FRAUD fraud on a domain investor since 2010, R&AW, ntro has persuaded almost all older webhosting companies to block remote posting on the wordpress blogs causing great losses and inconvenience to the domain investor
This has caused the loss of a source of passive income
This has forced the domain investor to spend a lot of money on webhosting, purchasing new webhosting and installing wordpress blogs on all these new hosting accounts
Since cpanel has increased its prices, there is no one offering cpanel cheap hosting, the domain investor is forced to look for other options
The ntro employees are getting a good salary, pension, yet they are so ruthless and unpatriotic, that they do everything possible to reduce the income of hardworking exporters in India, persuading the webhosting companies to block the remote posting and wasting the time, money of the exporters from India.

No wonder the GDP growth has declined, UK is far more aggressive in getting orders online, and they have surpassed India in GDP in the last few years despite being a smaller country in size and population