Cpanel pricing changes cause upheaval in the webhosting world

The change in the Cpanel pricing for licenses has affected a majority of the Webhosting companies worldwide
Cpanel is the most widely used control panel for webhosting companies and their decision to charge more from companies with more 100 accounts per server has forced the webhosting companies to rethink their pricing.
Earlier most of webhosting offers on forums were for Cpanel hosting.
Now due to pricing changes, many using Cpanel do not know how their webhosting will be affected
Some of the hosting companies are already migrating to Directadmin
The pricing decision is widely discussed on forums
Some of the webhosting forums are not allowing members to post CPanel webhosting offers, since there is no guarantee that the price will be honored

The domain investor who has many blogs and websites is expecting to spend a lot of time changing the webhosting in the next few months