NTRO deindexes websites, then expects domain investor to pay for hosting

In a clear case of how selfish and greedy NTRO officials are, NTRO has allegedly deindexed 6 websites on a hosting account , yet they are expecting the webmaster to pay $16 per month for webhosting. Only because of google deindexing in the last 1 year, the revenues have greatly decreased for most of the websites in the account and may further reduce.

When the webmaster is only making $5 per month from the websites, how do ntro officials expect the webmaster, who also has to pay domain expenses to pay the webhosting company $16 monthly. When an indian webmaster is paying foreign companies, NTRO officials are benefiting, as they have more clout, however the NTRO officials are doing very little to help the webmaster who is spending her money and time online . In fact the NTRO, tata, google officials are doing everything they can to cause losses to the domain investor, and then expect the domain investor to pay the many bills.

Why should the domain investor spend money from his or her savings online, when large companies online are causing great losses with the help of officials wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. Unlike in 2007 -2011 , when the webmaster was making a lot of money, now due to the fraud puneet, j srinivasan, she can only afford $6 /year hosting