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Incorporating Google Maps Widget PRO in WordPress blogs

As the number of internet users is increasing, more business owners are having a website as a marketing tool for generating leads, orders and offering after sales support. To make it simple for the website owner to update their website,many web designers and web developers are using a CMS, and wordpress is one of the most popular content management softwares in 2016. Most webhosting companies allow their customers to easily install wordpress on their domain name in a few minutes. For most offline businesses, it is important that their customer should be able to reach their location quickly and conveniently, so it is recommended that the developer includes a map with business location. The Google Maps Widget PRO has been developed to make it simple for the developer to incorporate a map in his wordpress blog.

Incorporating Google Maps in a wordpress blog involves getting the Google Maps API key and then incorporating Google Maps on the required page of the website. For getting a Google Maps API key the developer has to first register using the Google Developers console and generate a Google Maps API key. It may take a few minutes and some settings may be required before the API key is functional. Detailed instructions on How to create Google Maps API key along with screenshots are available online for reference by the wordpress developer or web designer. After the Google API key has been generated , the changes have to be saved in the settings of the Google Maps widget PRO.

For embedding google maps showing a specific address on any website, the conventional way was to find a map of the selected area using google maps and then generate the code for the selected area. The code generated was the incorporated in the website using the HTML or other editor. Step by step instructions on How to embed a Google map in WordPress are available online. For a wordpress blog the processing of generating a map can be greatly simplified using the google maps plugin which is available for free. The free version has limited features and no technical support, so it is recommended that businesses use the Google Maps widget PRO which has a large number of enhanced features including analytics providing detailed information about the visitors to the website.