Without domains who would purchase webhosting?

Powerful intelligence and security agency officials in india lack professionalism and refuse to acknowledge the investment made by domain investors. They think that they are doing a person a great favor allowing them to purchase domain names, they behave they have the right to falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre fraud own the domain names of the domain investor when the fraud friends of these government officials do not want to spend their time and money on domain names.

These cruel cunning officials use voice to skull technology to torture the domain investor , falsely saying that only the webhosting companies will acknowledge the domain investor . However if the domain investor did not have a lot of domain names, she would never require so much webhosting, most webmasters purchase webhosting from only one company.

It is time ntro and other officials stop abusing their powers, falsely claiming that their good looking fraud friends and relatives own the domain names of another woman, just because these ntro officials cannot be identified or questioned about their DOMAIN LIES .These fraud officials are only looking for an excuse so that their fraud girlfriends and sex partners get a government salary for cheating and sex