Indian webhosting companies encourage/reward corporate espionage

While indian webhosting companies want more business from indian companies, they make it extremely difficult for indian internet companies to make a profit when they pamper and reward known frauds who have commited corporate espionage. A harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor and paypal account holder, is finding that all indian webhosting companies are pampering and rewarding the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud diploma holder RAW employee siddhi mandrekar who committed corporate espionage on her,
The young goan fraud raw employee siddhi mandrekar comes from a powerful families of fraud cbi, ntro, raw officials nayak, mandrekar, who specialize in making completely fake black money, money laundering allegations without any proof against innocent harmless obc domain investors, paypal account holders so that these fraud officials, their relatives and friends can exploit the obc domain investor for the rest of her life.
After wasting tax payer money for more than 6 years, these fraud officials do not have the HONESTY to admit their mistake and are DUPING companies, especially in mumbai and maharashtra that their lazy greedy fraud relative/friend goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar owns the paypal account and is paying the hosting bill. in reality like all frauds the goan gsb cheater raw employee siddhi mandrekar is not connected to the paypal account or hosting account in any way, yet the fraud raw employee siddhi mandrekar and her associates are shameless FRAUDS AND LIARS, falsely claiming to be connected to the business of the obc engineer she ruthlessly cheated and exploited.

So as long as indian webhosting companies pamper and reward known frauds who have commited corporate espionage like the goan gsb fraud raw employee siddhi mandrekar, give her great powers for her criminal activity, they should not expect more business from her victim. A young fraud like the raw employee siddhi mandrekar should compensate her victim for the losses, and trauma caused, before she is given any powers in the indian webhosting and internet sector.