NTRO’s webhosting related fraud

The shameless fraud powerful NTRO officials are extremely ruthless in cheating, exploiting a harmless single woman obc engineer,domain investor, Paypal account holder. Every webhosting she purchases, these fraud officials will falsely claim that it belongs to the lazy greedy goan sex bribe givers obc bsc sunaina, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, gsb fraud extortionist housewife riddhi, brahmin cheater nayanshree, blackmailer ruchika and others frauds, saying that the webhosting will not work if they do not make these false claims.
However the obc engineer is paying her hard earned money for the webhosting and if does not function properly she can move to another webhosting company, who does not need to hide the identity of their customer. Why is the obc engineer expected to tolerate the defamation, that she does not control the hosting, despite paying for it, why should the lazy greedy frauds get credit despite doing no work at all.

the webhosting companies also realize that their customer will move if they cannot provide service and make arrangement accordingly to ensure that their mySQL databases are functioning properly.